Message Crafting

What is Message Crafting?

Simply put, it’s about knowing your Core Message and how to employ it to authentically engender trust with potential clients and customers.

The Luc T. Bouchard Message Crafting Method is a process which clearly defines a businesses Core Message, but how to position yourself as an expert, who your Avatar (the optimum client) is, what their pain points are and how to address those problems.  Said differently: it is about being crystal clear on:

  • How to effectively demonstrate your expertise or knowledge base
  • What you’re “really selling”
    • For example, it is said that Apple doesn’t sell computers, but ease of use and Nike doesn’t sell shoes it sells a lifestyle, what do you sell?
  • Who your ideal client is and is not
  • How your services/business can help your clients/customers lives
  • When to use a positive or negative sales pitch
  • Why potential clients should trust and or believe that you’re not in it just to make money off them

Three ways in which Message Crafting will help your business improve its bottom line

1) Save time and money:

In your website and positioning statements, a well-crafted message will prequalify potential clients so that you can focus on meeting the right clients instead of wasting time with individuals who are simply “shopping” and have no intention of spending money for your services/products.

2) Engender trust and build relationships prior to meeting potential clients/customers:

Perspective customers/clients will clearly understand from: your positioning statements, visiting your website, watching your video content and/or your public speaking events:

  • How you are an expert in your field
  • What your motivation is to help them
  • Why they should trust you

3) Demonstrate that you are distinct from your competition:

When we stand out, we get noticed.  At its heart, the main intention of Message Crafting is to uncover a businesses Core Message.  When this is established, a well-defined Core Message helps your business stand out by:

  • Giving you clarity on what makes your business unique and what sets you apart from your business rivals and how to succinctly declare what these differences are
  • Knowing how to position yourself as an expert and reveal your knowledge and mastery to potential clients/customers
  • Enhance your enthusiasm when presenting your product(s) or services
  • Defining your unique positioning statement and value proposition
  • Define your market and sales content, maximizing clarity to your target audience
Blending in is the slow death of mediocrity.” L.T. Bouchard

A Message Crafting Testimonial

On The Job

On November 25, 2017, Bare Bones Video Productions had the distinct pleasure of working with the AKSIS Board of Governors on their society’s Core Message.

Message Crafting with AKSIS (3000 w)
Luc at the WhiteBoard (4000 w)

How The Message Crafting Process Works

In this 3 to 5 hour process, Executive Producer and Message Crafter Luc Bouchard takes you through these three steps of clarity:

Step 1: Discovery

To be effective as a message crafter, it is imperative that I have a sound comprehension of what makes “my clients tick”.  This three-step process starts with a deep-dive into their core values, principles, and drivers.  It is here that the foundation of their core message is brought to the forefront, and their “Why” begins to get uncovered.  We then move onto:

Step 2: Defining the Optimum Client

In essence, what this stage determines is the “Real World View” of their ideal client.   Once this is known, understanding and addressing that client’s pain points is not only relatively straightforward, but participants of this process will be able to demonstrate how they are relevant to their optimum client, why they should be trusted by them and why they are cared for. And finally:

Step 3: Developing the Core Message

Here we take what was revealed in Step 1 & 2 and move onto establishing the “Authentic Why They Buy.”  Once this is determined, the Core Message is easily crafted.

Message Crafting Applications

Once these three steps are completed, the participants of this process will have:

  • A succinct elevator pitch
  • The ability to present a compelling & timely video message with minimal scripting
  • Greater enthusiasm when talking about their services to perspective clients
  • Clarity on what kind of imagery to use in their: branding, websites and social media platforms
  • A sound understanding of whether their messaging is inherently positive or negative
  • Knowledge on who their optimum client is and what their pain points are
  • Great clarity on what their core message is

About The Message Crafter

Luc Bouchard has created a unique, distinct, powerful, and effective business marketing process. By blending his 30-plus years of coaching and mentoring skills, he has earned the reputation of being an exceptional Message Crafter. His Message Crafting method is paramount in helping his clients expertly market themselves to their ideal audience and engender their trust.

Luc Bouchard has well over 350 videos across three YouTube channels with 52 000 plus views; an online course on titled Producing High Performance Video Content with 5800 plus students from 130 countries with an average student satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Why Luc cares about his clients having a Well Crafted message

Luc has intimate knowledge of not having a sound understanding in his Core Message and has struggled to set himself apart from his competition.  However, once Luc became clear of his Core Message he has been able to take his business to a whole new level while helping his clients get clear on what they do and why they do it.

Furthermore, Luc has seen far too many entrepreneurs, business’ and societies struggle not only what their core message is, but be ineffective on how to present their services to their prospective clients/customers.  Luc has found that this lack of clarity encompasses their elevator pitches, value propositions, websites, videos, and social media messaging.  Luc has witnessed this deficiency hurt their business and, livelihoods and he knows that with his guidance, he is able to help their business progress forward and not continue to suffer the ill effects of aimlessly applying their efforts which tend to yield mediocrity results.

If you want more business and improve it’s bottom-line, call The Message Crafter, Luc T. Bouchard now at 780-668-8054 or email him at