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Using the Power of Video to Position Yourself as an Expert

Video 1 of 6:   The only reason anyone has a video presence on the internet.

There is one reason and one reason only that anyone has a video presence on the internet. That is to influence behavior, like, share, subscribe, download, a purchase is all about influencing behavior. The question is how do you do that in two minutes or less on this. How do you get people to follow your calls action? How do you actually, in essence, engender trust enough that they’re going to do what you’re asking the appropriate call to action. If you’re asking for a credit card number, the trust you have to engender has to be a whole lot more than hit like or share or subscribe. There’s a formula that you have that you can actually follow to engender trust.

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Video 2 of 6:  What video affords you as a business owner or entrepreneur.

What does video afford you as a business owner and as an entrepreneur? Minimally, it provides you three different areas where you’re going to save time and money. And the first one that video gives you is that it helps you leverage your message. Get your message right, and then you leverage it to the world because we all want to be able to get in front of people, but whether or not those people are a good candidate for us, is something else.
And that’s the second thing that you affords you is that you get to pre-qualify potential customers or clients. The third thing that video affords you is you start building relationships from the word go because they get to see how you are. They get to see how you speak. They get to see how professional you are. They get to see whatever is in the background. The story you tell is so important.

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Video 3 of 6:  What it takes to have an outstanding video message.

There are three things that it takes to have an outstanding video. The first thing you need to have is a clear understanding of your values and your principles. It is your backbone. It’s what holds you up in your video. The second thing you need to have a clear understanding is your drivers. Why are you doing what you’re doing. We’re all smart people. We’re all accomplished. Why are we doing what we’re doing. There’s a reason for that. The third thing you need to know when you do videos that piggybacks on why you’re doing it is what is your wound.
If you’re not clear on these three things, your values and principles, your drivers, and what your wound is on that, it’s going to be really hard to have a compelling message because the people that are watching your videos they need a reason to lean in. They need a reason to basically go “Oh, I get this guy, this woman. They understand me. They know my world because what they’re talking about.” Once you have that taken care of, then you have to know your, I’m going to use the word avatar, not everyone likes that, but what your ideal client looks like and what they’re about because you’re not going to be able to address their needs if you’re not clear on what their drivers are and what their pain points and what keeps them up at night. When you have all these things put together in a succinct manner, then people lean in. You do not want people being indifferent to your video and you certainly don’t want them leaning out.

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 Video 4 of 6:  The myth of a poor attention span.

The first thing I’m gonna say is, I’m gonna challenge the myth that no one has attention spans and it’s something that I’ve come to the conclusion of that. Well, now I’m actually gonna say no, on that. I have a 10-year-old daughter and a 13 year old son and if anyone doesn’t have an attention span, it’s my 13 year old son. But he watches videos that are in excess of 45 minutes long. Why is that? he’s engaged it’s.  What’s that?
They’re fun and engaging.

Well, it’s more than that. The content is relevant to the audience. If it wasn’t relevant to him, he wouldn’t be watching. So, so much of what your job is to have video content is make sure you’re damn relevant to your audience. How do you know you’re relevant to your audience? Well, we’re gonna talk about that.

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Video 5 of 6:  It’s all about being relevant to your target audience.

Because no one’s going to believe you. Further to that, how do you know that you’re relevant to your customers or your clients? How do you know? Because they’re calling you. That’s one measure. Absolutely.

They’re paying your bills is another measure. If you can’t answer how you’re relevant to your customers or clients, you’re not going to have a well-crafted message, and you’re not serving yourself well in your elevator pitch or however you’re presenting yourself.

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Video 6 of 6:  How I got into the Video Making Biz

My name is Luc Bouchard, I have been doing videos for close to six years now. I did some training in California where it was impressed upon me that video was coming, and we should get used to it and we should get acclimatized to it.

What I did was to get over my anxiety of being on video, I took on a 72 day challenge, where for 72 days I uploaded new content to YouTube every day. That was to basically get me used to it and not freaked out by the camera, and to develop some muscle memory on how to shoot video and what-not.

One of the things that was interesting that happened is on day 30 of the 72 day challenge I actually shot my video and then forgot I was on camera. It was a turning point for me on that. Then two days later I shot video 32 which is … My content was all for men, because I’m an executive coach, I’m a certified life skills coach, and my passion is helping men get more emotionally available so they’ll be more emotionally available to their children. My real clients are their children, not the actual men. Right? Because that’s who I serve. I did a lot of content that was all for men, and video 32 which was about how men distance themselves from intimacy, to this day it gets 19 … Not 19,000, not 1900, 19 hits a day. I’m at 31,000 plus views.

That particular video has got me clients in Spain, Geneva, Portugal, Jersey, Texas, and some around here. It has really shown me how powerful video is and what it can do for you, and how it can actually leverage your message across the masses.

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